Core Aeration in St. Charles, MO

Does your lawn need help? Contact Larson Lawn Care for core aeration and overseeding in St. Charles, MO. We’ll give your lawn the help it needs to be verdant and beautiful.

Core Aeration Improves the Health of Your Lawn

In order to have healthy grass, you need to have healthy roots. And grass roots need to have pockets of oxygen under the soil in order to thrive. Oftentimes, however, the soil of your lawn becomes compacted, especially when your lawn experiences a lot of traffic.

If you have vehicles driving over your grass, or if a lot of children play there often, you’ll eventually start to see your grass turn brown and die. The compaction of the soil squeezes the air pockets out of the surface, which starves your grass roots of necessary oxygen.

Core aeration, however, can revive your lawn and restore it to its former glory. When you sign up for a core aeration service, a lawn renovation specialist will use a core aeration machine. This equipment will pull small plugs of soil out of your lawn, leaving it full of small, beneficial holes. These holes break up the top layer of soil and allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate to the grass roots.

At Larson Lawn Care, we offer overseeding along with our core aeration service. So in addition to aerating your lawn, we’ll also thoroughly seed it. Many of the new grass seeds will fall into the holes and have the perfect opportunity to grow, covering your lawn with new, fresh grass as well as revitalizing the old grass.

Larson Lawn Care Will Meet Your Lawn Care Needs

When you call Larson Lawn Care for core aeration or any other lawn service, you can expect attention to detail. We pride ourselves on providing the most effective lawn care solutions for your unique lawn.

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